Running Log Rundown

Blue skies, bust out those thighs.

It has been gorgeous, sunny spring-like weather–optimal for running. My Vitamin D fix has been satiated. Every day I wake up and am grateful that I get to run without putting on layers and layers of fleece-lined spandex, nor facing such hot and humid conditions that slow me down and make me feel completely shattered.

Here is a rundown of the last week+.

Friday, June 1:

For my morning run, I ran a fairly easy pace, just enjoying the run. I started listening to the audiobook “Let Your Mind Run” by Deena Kastor, providing inspiration.

In the afternoon, I started an Elementary Running Club, so I got to run with my students on the track near our school. Spring showed its true colors when thunder, lightning, and a downpour started, so we headed to the indoor track nearby. My GPS was confused.

Saturday, June 2nd:

When I went on a field trip with my students to the cable cars, you could see there was a trail that followed beneath. I heard tales from a local assuring me there is a trail that one can take from the base of Trebević Mountain. I set off determined to find it. I gave it the good old college try, but to no avail. I did find some super aggressive stray dogs and some disgruntled waste collectors. Meh. Gives me something to hunt for in the future. The silver lining? I did get in some good elevation gain.

Sunday, June 3rd:

To Trebević Mountain I go. There is a fun park for the kids where they can play on a bouncy castle, giant trampoline, feed swans, and generally run around in a safe fenced off area with Mr. G, while I run the Sarajevska Climb into Bosnian countryside. There are fields, horses roaming the roads, and clean air. The small-town girl inside of me loves it.

After my run, we went on one of the many hikes in the area. Spending Sunday in nature is one of the ways our family reconnects to what is important to us.

Monday, June 4th:

Mondays are usually my day off, but since I do the Elementary Running Club on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, I did a short run with them. I started running with the kids for the first kilometer, but then decided I wanted to see if I could maintain a faster pace for the last 3 km. I was pretty pleased with this time, but I think I have the ability to improve.

Tuesday, June 5th:

This particular route offers some elevation gain, which is harder for me to get done during the usual Tuesday-Friday runs. Hills take more time, which I am always short on during a work day. I tried to run a little faster than usual on the hills this time to get the distance and pace in and still make it to work on time.

Wednesday, June 6th:

Running happy! This run just felt good. The sun was out, the park was green, the birds were awake.

Thursday, June 7th:

Work has been full-on lately and it took every ounce of mental strength to get my body out of bed, into running clothes, and out the door. I felt better for it. I have yet to come across a run I regretted. Feet first, feelings later.

Friday, June 8th:

Just was happy it Friday, the sun was out, and I felt alive. Purposefully chilled out pace.

Saturday, June 9th:

We took the kids down to the path by the river. They ran and played around while I took off down the path, over Goates Bridge, and into Trebević Mountain again from a different direction than previous runs. This is one of my favorite running routes. I ran past rock climbers, other runners, cyclists, a 16th century bridge, and on to some pretty impressive views. I threw in a few hill repeats for good measure.

I also got to run a kilometer with my son. My mama heart was happy.


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Sunday, June 10th:

We had a late night at our school’s staff party the night before–not going to lie, I was a tad bit hungover for this one. Running helps with that. I think running helps with everything though, so take that with a grain of salt. So, it was a late start for me and we had some activities planned to do with the kids. I would have run farther if I had started earlier, but the clock was ticking and I needed to get back to still get my much needed family time in. I went for elevation gain instead of distance.

Monday, June 11th:

Mondays are hard enough. They are my day off.


There is always room for improvement. I want to concentrate on getting faster, but I don’t want to increase my speed too quickly. No one has time for injuries. Hopefully over the course of the next few months I can improve my times.

Keep running and stay rad, my friends.

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7 thoughts on “Running Log Rundown

  1. I like doing Mondays off too–the day is hard enough, right?! Great week!
    Hey so I should probably just check out your blog more extensively and maybe I’ll find it there, but it’s also fun to chat. Where are you originally from? You are living in Bosnia now? So fascinating! How did that come about?

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    1. Mondays are nuts. I love giving myself that extra hour of sleep!
      I am originally from Idaho, but have lived overseas for ages now. I am now an international teacher so I teach at international schools that have expat children. We started 10 years ago in Kazakhstan, then Thailand for 7 years, and this has been our first year in Bosnia. We go home to Idaho in the summers, so 3 days and counting until we head back.

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