Share Your Running Accomplishments

I would like to hear from my fellow runners!

There is a time to consider your failings and there is a time to celebrate your accomplishments. Let’s do the latter today.

It can be anything. You ran more days than usual, you ran farther, you did hill repeats, you did double run days, your pace has improved, you figured out what food works best for you for racing, you did your first race, you landed a PR. Anything.

I will share mine to get the ball rolling. I have been working on improving my pace and have found some success in the attempt. I have been running a long time and I got a little too comfortable in my pace. It felt like I wasn’t challenging myself enough anymore, that is why I decided to focus on my pace. It has helped me both physically and mentally to have a goal. Feels good!

Tell me about your running accomplishments in the comments below!

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