Weekly Running Log Rundown

Hey, hey.

We flew across the planet and I have had jet lagged legs out there running this week. It has been so nice running Boise though. It may be the most outdoorsy city I have ever seen. There are paths that cover the city just for running or biking (read as me having no fear of getting hit by a car when on said path as opposed to other cities). There are also plenty of places to get your trail running fix.

Sunday: Running on a few hours of sleep in the last 30 hours this day, but it felt really good to get out and run my legs after being on an airplane for so long.

Monday: I still hadn’t slept much, but with all that free time I managed to unpack our whole life and get an early morning run done. I loved the fresh air and freedom I felt. I saw one beaver, one bunny, and three deer. Ah, Idaho. The wide-open spaces was just what I needed.

Also, I don’t always America breakfast but when I do, I regret it. My husband offered to make breakfast, so who am I to argue. The running gods forgave me and I felt fine this time.

Tuesday: I felt really good for this run too, until the last two kilometers. I should have brought water. I was loving being in my element without any time restraints, so ran farther than I had planned before leaving the house.

Wednesday: Why does running a kilometer up hill feel like it is three times longer than on flat ground? Never mind, I loved getting into the dirt trails of the Foothills and getting some elevation work in. I felt strong and sweaty in the southern Idaho sun. I didn’t break any records with my time, but was happy and felt accomplished nonetheless.

Thursday: It was time to switch out to new shoes after putting 900 kilometers (or 562 miles) on them. I absolutely loved the new Altras. I ran faster than usual. I am not sure if it was because of the shoes or I was just having a good day. I would have run farther, but I needed to get the kids to the doctor for their checkups, so was a little short on time.

Friday: I felt very Idaho today. I ran down by the Boise river on the trail that follows along it. Everyone was in their R.E.I. wear, walking their dogs, and smiling and waving to people passing. The trial was a nice break from pavement and it was well shaded by lots of trees.

Saturday: I went fairly easy today. I did find some trails and hills to run, which helped me clear my mind. I went sans headphones and just listened to the world. It felt good to do some reflection.

Happy running and stay rad, my friends!

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