Interview with Mr. G: Running Told by My Other Half

Often, we run to become become better people. Hopefully, we become better people not only for ourselves, but for those that have to interact with us.

An example of Mr. G holding down the fort, while I am racing in Romania.

Mr. G gets asked a lot how he feels about my running, so I decided to throw some questions at him for the curious.

Here are his thoughts:

1. The classic question–what do you do while Tara runs?

Try to keep the children from getting injured.  Make sure the house doesn’t burn down.  Sneak in some recording/editing time for YouTube.  Check my watch and make sure that you aren’t coming in way later than you should.

2. How does my running impact your life? 

It makes my marriage much better, because it makes you happy.  Running keeps you sane, and that has been really good for our relationship.

3. Do you run with her?

I have chased after Tara a few times. In particular in airports. If we have a tight connection to make you’re on your own for speed.  So, I’ve gotten some really good cardio in packing Baby G across airports at full speed. That’s about it for running. I will also do an occasional 5k, for the kids.

4. How do you feel about Tara’s running? 

She is really good at it.  It’s something she enjoys that brings her pleasure.  Everyone needs a passion.  Everyone needs one thing separate from work, or even family.  Something that is just for them.  For Tara that is running.  For me it’s YouTube.  We support one another in both of these endeavors and our relationship is stronger for it.

5. Tell about a time or two that stand out as memorable.

The most memorable time for me ever was when Tara had a trail run in Bosnia in the mountains.  The day of the run there was a particularly bad, unexpected blizzard up in the mountains.  It was the first time I ever saw my wife ask a race director if she could switch to a shorter distance.  We were both worried, but I know that if I tell Tara she shouldn’t do something, then she is more likely to dig in her heels and do it.  So, whenever she asks me if she should do a race, I always answer with this:

“Will you regret not having done this?  Which feels better to you, staying home and sitting this one out, or signing up and going for it?”

Long story short, she completed the race.  She got lost a few times, her phone nearly died, there were scares about mine fields, I called search and rescue, and had a speedy drive to the finish line.  However, that story deserves it’s own telling from start to finish, so I’ll save my side of that one for another time.

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6 thoughts on “Interview with Mr. G: Running Told by My Other Half

  1. I loved this!
    It’s so true that you need something that’s just Your passion , I think running is such a powerful passion to have too!

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