Individual Sports vs Team Sports

It’s funny–people assume that because I run, I must be into all sports. They speak to me like I know what team is which. I mean, for instance, I truly don’t know if the Cubs are baseball or football. I don’t care enough to Google it. I don’t know anything about the rules of volleyball or basketball. My brain shuts down to words spoken about team sports and my eyes will glaze over. No one seems to notice. 


I do understand many may feel the same way about running. It does not hurt my feelings. I hope my lack of love for your team sports does not hurt yours. There is value in each type of category, and I do believe there two broad categories. We don’t all have to be the same. Team sports teach working together and supporting one another…hopefully those lessons cross over to other teams. Individual sports teach self-reliance and overcoming internal struggles. Personally, I would rather spend my time with myself, in my head and my thoughts, working out how hard a run can be. I don’t have time, energy, or desire to control or change anyone else’s behavior. It’s a good place to work on me, and only me. Maybe I don’t like to share glory (just joking, I don’t see a lot of glory). Maybe I just like to make all the decisions about when and where I will be running. Maybe it’s freedom. Let’s not psychoanalyze me on that. I will continue to eschew team sports regardless of what I see in the Rorschach ink blots. 

I do find that whether you are a cyclist, swimmer, hiker, walker, runner, skiier, surfer, climber, yogi, skateboarder, or even if you are getting in touch with your 90s self and continue to roller blade, that I can understand you and your sport. I get that you are doing something for yourself. I don’t glaze over when you talk about your sport. I am interested.

Regardless, I recognize that all sport offers a lot of lessons. Stay happy and active, no matter which side you find yourself on.

What is your sport of choice?

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