8 Motivations to Run

Need motivation? Here are some reasons to run.

Endorphins. It’s a fact, your emotional state will vastly improved when you start running. Those endorphins pumping through your body are powerful, making you pretty damn happy as a result.


Time to yourself. Think of running as time away to improve yourself, letting your mind be open to thoughts. It allows you to process what has happened or is happening in your life.


Audiobooks. For the readers and runners out there, audiobooks are a great compromise. Running takes up a lot of time. Deciding to combine these two aspects of your life provides not only a time save, but adds motivation when you have a good audiobook waiting for you.


Food. Raise your hand if you like food! We all do, but food tastes even better when you have worked for it. You also get to eat more to the foods you love and have few regrets. I mean, you get to eat tacos and not feel guilty about it. That is some motivation.


Change it up. Some of the ways one can do this is switching up the actual sport; go for a hike or swim or bike. You can also mix up your running by spending a day on hills, hit the trails or road, working on your pace, running with friends or joining a running group, and tackling different distances. Loop runs are great because you get new scenery the whole time.

ross-findon-303091-unsplash (1).jpg

New running clothes. I know it may seem shallow, but finding some new running clothes that you feel good in can be motivational. Some may consider “cute running outfit” an oxymoron, but look around for some funky colors and mix n’ match. It’s fun.


Races. Nothing says motivation quite like having a personal goal to work towards. If you can, try to book a race that allows you to see a new part of the world.


Overall health. This is sort of a no-brainer. You feel better, and consequently your quality of life goes way up. When you start running, you sleep better, a lot of those aches and pains go away, and you don’t feel so old. Motivation, check.


Run and stay rad.






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