Running Ruminations

Oh, hey there. You thought I forgot about you, didn’t you? I took a hiatus. Not from running, just writing about running. 2019 kicked my ass in so many ways. Running in its purest form, and how it does it all so beautifully, got me through it. I hit over 4,000 kilometers on my feet, running around the world, working out all the messiness that is sitting in one’s head. So, as a reunion to my bloggity blog, I have some running ruminations that sort of gets to the nitty gritty of some of my running psychology.


A run through the Black Forest

Running strips you bare. It takes away all that superficial bullshit that we hide behind. You put on worn out shoes, clothes that have been washed more times than you can count, hair pulled back, and you are left with yourself. Scrubbed down to the least simple parts; the character that you are made of. What you can battle and fight against. You figure out how strong you are when it gets hard. There is a depth to the amount a human being can take and it is surprisingly massive. You find tiny little recesses of your mind and body that you hadn’t tapped into before or forgot about, then you face them with all the honesty you possess. It isn’t about winning, it isn’t about glory, it isn’t about posting it to social media for people to congratulate you. It is about escaping with yourself and digging deep into painful parts of yourself, emotionally and physically. Facing it and pushing back until you win it with yourself. It’s raw. It’s ugly. It’s so effing beautiful. Enjoy those moments of sadistic pain that lead you into yourself. If you want, celebrate the pride you feel at the end, but don’t forget what got you there.

Ran into 2020, Salzburg-side

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One thought on “Running Ruminations

  1. Wow Tara, you ran massive distances in 2019. So well done. You summed up running so well. For me definitely not about posting on social media. Running has been such a life changer with me mental health. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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