Get Your Kicks on Route 66

Running a segment of my race, in Oregon on one of our family camping getaways.

Get your kicks on Route 66! This was such a fun virtual race to participate in. I know many of our race plans have been derailed since covid has taken over our lives, but virtual runs have their perks. I’ve been racing with Yes.Fit lately, and have really enjoyed what it has to offer. I just downloaded the app and connected to my Strava. It syncs and counts my runs each day toward the race of your choosing. They have loads to choose from–my last one was The Rocky Mountain National Park 115 miler, Route 66 is my second race with them. It is pretty cool; they have a map that follows each of your daily runs. It gives ‘viewpoints’ on the map of where you ended that day. Along with the viewpoints, there are little historical or interesting tidbits to learn along the way. You kind of feel like you are actually on the course they provide, except you can wake up whenever you want, run when you can, and run as far as suits you in a day. The only person you are racing against is yourself. I have enjoyed setting time-frames to try to complete it, ones that will challenge me. While I do run every day, this has helped motivate me to run longer distances each day, sometimes doubling up on my runs in a day. I even got my non-runner husband to join and participate.

A viewpoint of Route 66.
A little over half-way!
An example of how Yes.Fit shows information about the route.
This race took me 8 days to complete!
Not bad views from various trail segments of my race.

They provide great swag, by the way. I have kind loved the last two medals I have received. It makes it feel more official, but they are also pretty cool. I absolutely loved the shirt I received with this race, as well. It is athletic material that is great for running.

Honestly, it has been nice to get a little extra kick to run. It’s been rather inspiring seeing how people around the world are solving the roadblocks that the virus has set in our paths. While it is motivating, I do miss real races. In the meantime, you can find me on Yes.Fit.

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