Running Wakeups

It is the last few days before school is out, and every teacher has hit the wall. If I can pull my body out of bed for a run, you can too. I need the standard doctrine of 8 hours sleep. I work pretty hard just making sure I get my butt into bed inContinue reading “Running Wakeups”

12 Tips for Running in the Heat

It is getting hot out there. Time to talk about how to survive the heat and still log your running miles. Here are some tips that I can offer after years of running in the heat and humidity.  1. Frozen water bottle. Carry a frozen water bottle and alternate hands. Even put it on yourContinue reading “12 Tips for Running in the Heat”

10 Tips for Running in the Morning: As Told by GIFs

“My sun sets to rise again.”– Robert Browning Working as a full-time classroom teacher, which is far from an eight-hour day, and being a mother of two young children, also a full-time job, the only time I can fit running into my schedule is in the morning. This takes a fair bit of planning, butContinue reading “10 Tips for Running in the Morning: As Told by GIFs”