Frost 2 Flowers Virtual Half Marathon

A few months ago, while Covid cases were lower and few new cases were arising, I signed up for the Frost 2 Flowers spring race. It had been scheduled for the actual spring, but then was rescheduled and pushed back for July 18th. I was pretty excited to sign up for a real-live race withContinue reading “Frost 2 Flowers Virtual Half Marathon”

Solidarity in a Time of Solitude

If you had asked me a few months ago how I thought societies would react to something like a pandemic, well I wouldn’t have painted nearly such a nice picture. Broadly speaking, I am rather skeptical of humans and our nature. When we are under stress, or adversity, they say our true character is revealed.Continue reading “Solidarity in a Time of Solitude”

Half Marathon Social Distance Run

Many of us have signed up and trained for races that have now been canceled due to COVID-19. Because of this, I decided to host a virtual half marathon 21k Social Distance Run. It will take place April 19th at 9:00 am your local time, wherever you may be in the world. We will allContinue reading “Half Marathon Social Distance Run”

Running in Covid-19 Times

Is this the end times? It feels like we have been mentally preparing for a while. Anyone with a pulse has noticed climate change, pollution at atrocious levels, corruption, politics, on and on it goes. People have been desperately clinging to zero waste and shouting into their social media about how the government isn’t doingContinue reading “Running in Covid-19 Times”

Mystery Blogger Award

Blogger award time! I have not participated in one of these before, but my blogging buddy thedancingrunner nominated me and thought it looked fun. You should check out her site, she has some great posts. Thanks for nominating me! I will also nominate three more bloggers that deserve recognition and to pass on the love after I answerContinue reading “Mystery Blogger Award”