Marathon Thoughts Told in GIFs

Thoughts During a Marathon


Shhh…coffee. All the coffee.

but first coffee illustration GIF by Maori Sakai

Mile 1

I have so much energy! I could run for days.

run running GIF

Mile 2


The Breakfast Club Flirting GIF

Mile 4

I found my stride. This is awesome. I’m already 4 miles in. There isn’t that much left.

happy brad pitt GIF

Mile 6

Maybe I am crazy?

Crazy Mickey Mouse GIF

Mile 8

Nope. I am total badass. I prepared for this. Feeling strong AF.

strong we can do it GIF by buzzfeedladylike

Mile 10

Sexy, sweaty beast.

mad men winking GIF

Mile 12

Wait, why am I doing this? It hurts. Quite a bit.

zach galifianakis GIF

Mile 14

Yep, I don’t know. Not a clue. I don’t think I can do this. They were right.

confused idk GIF by Women's History Month

Mile 16

I made it this far. I have to finish.

This energy gel is the grossest.

crickets judging you GIF

Mile 18

Seriously. What was I thinking?

blink 182 wtf GIF

Mile 20

I am going to die. Every single thing on my body hurts. Is this the wall?

over it eye roll GIF by Girls on HBO

Mile 22

I am never doing this again. I have to eat something.

sad comfort eating GIF

Mile 24

Why am I not done yet? They must have mismarked the course.

sad new girl GIF

Mile 26.2

Is that the finish?

I am never doing this again.

dead fuck my life GIF

5 minutes post-race

That was awesome. I need to find another race.

Am I masochist? I don’t care. Where is the food?

glitter GIF

happy beauty and the beast GIF

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